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The book titled “Police and Society” dealing with Police State: A Negation to Rule of Law;  Criminal Investigation using Technology: A Need of the Hour; Impact  of Technology on Police Personality: An Analysis; Custodial Murders  and Police Encounters: A Blurring Line; Police modernization with  reference to Technology: An Analysis; Human Rights Approach with  reference to Extended Working hours of Police Personnel; Use and Abuse  of Technology in Criminal Investigation: A Study of Indian Police; An  Exploratory Analysis of the Model Police Act, 2006; Plight in Police  Force in India: Remedial Way Ahead; Role of Police Personnel during  Covid-Pandemic: An Evaluation, Transformation in Police system in India: Road Ahead, Procedure of Arrest, Seizure, Search and Bail under NDPS Act.

The present volume signifies a vast store of learning and knowledge, and is endorsement in its own way of the thesis. The book titled Police and Society, is composed to give a variety flavour of essays on legal and social dimensions of contemporary issues which are relevant to the readers and society. The book is significant for students of  five year and three-year law courses and also for those who are pursuing any course in criminal or police law. The book will also be useful for reference to LL.M. and research study.