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Bharat at 75: Multiple Dimensions to Empower India for Better Tomorrow

ISBN: 978-93-91681-37-1 | Format: Hardcover | Genre: Commerce and Management | Other Details

Bharat at 75 is concerned with a new outlook of progressive country in 75th Independence year. Therefore, the present book has evaluated the emerging scenario in all dimensions including education system, banking sector and the role of technology by developing innovations and scientific improvements in making Bharat “Digital India” especially after the spread of Covid-19. It also covers the relationship of government with business and the impact of pandemic on economic as well as cultural dimensions. A study conducted on Indian women appreciating and celebrating their key role in political ...dimensions of the country and multiple issues of green economy and unorganized labourers has been highlighted in relation to India as a developing country. The book, thus, contains 31 chapters taking up social, political, economic, cultural, ecological, technological and educational dimensions for building academic platform to explore all these dimensions of our journey. Out of which, 2 case studies have been included at the end of the book to help individuals know the impact of animated programmes on children and better understanding of real-life aspects. This book is an attempt to explore multiple dimensions of Aatmanirbhar Bharat in a simple and understandable language.

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